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Lyrics of Pure & Simple
Black and White

I see the world in full colour
But I can't help but wish it was all black and white
I take pleasure in the small details
But somedays I wish it was all just cut and dried

Complications are rife
Simplicity's hard to find
Peace only comes in small doses

Let me lay my head, upon your shoulder
And let it all slide for a while
Tomorrows battles will keep till then
Today has more than enough of its own

My world spins along at its own pace
Some days I wish that I could just fast forward
This road is full of tempting detours
I'd rather stay on the straight and narrow


He sends me flowers, for no other reason
Than just to show how much he cares
And if I'm honest, I am quite taken
Till sense reminds me to slow down

I am not willing to offer myself
On romance alone
I am not willing to take a chance
On any dream unproven
Don't look down...

I'm not tryin' to push him away
It's just that I've taken that leap before
I'm not made of stone, but breakable china,
This teacup's not made to weather a storm

Slowly, slowly....let patience guard your heart

The weight of his heart rests upon my shoulders
A burden too heavy for me to bear
It may be a lack of courage on my part
Or maybe its wisdom learned the hard way
The Price

What's your name boy, what's your business here
State your name and serial number
Are you running, are you chased by
The deeds that you've done that
Can't be shaken

Do you sleep well, in your bed alone
Long nights of condemnation
Clock ticking in slow motion
While you're running from the ties that
Can't be broken

We are prisoners of war
Captives by choice still wanting more
Turn and face the way you feel
Loosen your grip release the wheel

So state your name boy, sign the dotted line
No price to pay for borrowed time
Undeserving, yet freely given
You've been purchased
Lay down your burden

Heart of the Pioneer

I sailed across the oceans wide
Climbed the mountains high
Walked for miles in the scorching sun
To claim this place to call my home

Of the seven wonders of the world
Nothing can compare
Indeed I count myself well blessed
To live in paradise here

A forest of the tallest trees
Flowing stream besides
A pasture of the greenest grass
All my dreams are realised

I awake to the sound of birdsong
The sun upon my face
No master to rein over me
At last a place to call my home

Lost & Found

Unexpected brown-eyed baby
Given up and taken in
Forfeited by the ones who made him
They said you're a fortunate son
A hopeful child with the world before him
He was the son they never had

A restless soul lookin' for something missing
Playing those who loved him like a fool
Desperately trying, to belong here
He gets into trouble at school
Give him just a little time
Let him go and he'll go wild
There must be something you can do

Old enough to be out on the town
And he's out there with the boys on the booze
The fiery red-head with fists a-flying
A ladies man on the loose
He's tried it all to escape
But in the morning when he wakes
There's still the emptiness inside

He found the answer on his knees
Begging God to give him peace
Filled with a love he'd never known
A precious seed was sown
Never more alone

Sink or swim

I'm walking away
Hiding my face inside my hands
Escaping contact with your eyes
You wait unanswered
I can't find the words to speak
You've got me tongue-tied and confused

I won't wait forever
Resignation's wearing me down
The clock is tickin'
We are treadin' water
Fightin' to stay afloat

It shouldn't be this tryin'
The way ahead is clear
No more smoke and mirrors
Troubled questions haunt my mind
The doubts are overruled
The small voice within is pushed aside

Sink or swim

Lost time

The sun comes out from behind a cloud
And I wonder, I wonder, how long it's gonna stay
What's here today, is gone tomorrow
And forgotten by next week
So take some time
To live the moment

I returned home for the weekend
To see how much the children have grown
What's here today, is gone tomorrow
And forgotten by next week
You can't rewind
Make every minute count

Another New Year is upon us now
A time to look back and see what's been and gone
What's here today, is gone tomorrow
It all just fades away
So take some time
To smell the roses
Dollars and Sense

I don't care how much money your earn
How long's it gonna take before you learn
Some things are worth more than dollars in the hand
Forget the money and you'll start to understand

The more money you earn, the more taxes you pay
You don't need that kind of stress to ruin your day
Take your money and give it to the poor
What you'll get instead is worth so much more

The material things have no worth
When your treasure's not kept here on earth

I don't care how many mansions you own
There's no point in rattling round them on your own
No matter how hard you try, you just can't buy love
And the truest love I know, comes from above

Not to be

My blue eyes, where are you now
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you
There are clouds on the horizon and the rain is settling in
But I'm inside, hiding from the storm

You can't blame me for trying
I wanted it as much as you
No you can't blame me for trying
But I'm sorry if I hurt you

You walk a long while to find your way
Searching for a reason to make sense of it all
You're not so complicated, as you are devastated
It's easier to believe that you're ok

I can't blame you for trying
For you wanted it as much as me
No I can't blame you for trying
I just want you to be free

Nothing can be gained from playin' it safe every time
You can not be found until you lose
Blame is just a way of saying "I'm not guilty"
But let me be the first to admit that I am

But you can't blame us for trying
There's no occasion to be sad
No you can't blame us for trying
We gave it all we had
All we had

Sleep Easy

Close your tired eyes
Lay your head upon my shoulder
I'll watch you as you dream peaceful dreams

Close your tired eyes
Let your cares just slip away
I'll listen to every breath as you sleep
As you sleep

Close your tired eyes
No need for conversation
I hear your heart call my name as you sleep

Close your tired eyes
Rest easy ever knowing
I'll be there when you wake by your side
By your side
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Copyright (C) Anneka Waters, 2015. All rights reserved.
Lyrics are the paintbrush of the songwriter. Whether broad bold strokes or fine intimate detail, the words paint a picture which is interpreted in as many ways as there are listeners
Writers note...
I got to thinking about how busy life is these days, and how we all long for simplicity - at least I know I do. Looking at my Grandma's life I remember thinking how uncomplicated life must have been in her day, but then, I guess she looked at her Grandma and thought the same thing...
Writers note...
Driving through some of the more remote parts of NZ you really get a sense of how the country must have looked when the early settlers first came here from the UK. One can only imagine what a paradise it felt like coming here from poverty and over-population to the wide open spaces and wild beauty that is our country.
Writers note...
While living in Christchurch I would occasionally come back home for the holidays and vist my friends and their small children. These visits always brought home to me how fast the young ones were growing, and that lost time with them could never be regained. This is so true of many people in our lives - make every minute count!
Epsilon (instrumental)
At the age of twelve I was NZ's youngest paraglider pilot. There is just nothing like the feeling of soaring like a bird through the air with no sound but the wind in your lines!

This piece was inspired by paragliding and is named after my wing, Epsilon. If you have a good imagination you might be able to hear the take-off run, soaring around the hills looking for lift, then floating way above everyone, before finally coming down to land in the still evening air.
Writers note...
This is a song about not selling yourself short and settling for less than you should.
Writer's note...
There are times when things don't turn out as you'd hoped, and it's not anyone's fault - no matter how how you try, it's just not meant to be. It's a very human thing to want to point the finger of blame, but whenever you do, there are always 3 fingers pointing back at you!
Writer's note...
The price of your sins have been paid - will you accept it?
Writers note...
The true story of the life of a friend
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