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Anneka performed as a guest artist on TV1's Good morning show!

Thursday the 12th August.

Having flown up to Wellington the day before, Anneka was up at the crack of dawn to perform two of her songs on national TV. Whisked through hair and makeup it wasn't long before she was on stage at Avalon Studios playing her heart out in front of the cameras. The clips below feature her songs Hold On My Heart, a new song called The Price and a short interview at the end. Click on the photo to watch on Youtube.
Anneka's Music to appear in Feature Film "Just Like U"

3 of Anneka's original songs have been selected to be in the film, which is currently in production, set on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. "Just Like U" is a touching story of a young man with Downs Syndrome who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a troubled young woman, helping her get her life back on track. The highs and lows of life with Downs Syndrome. If the script is anything to go by, it's going to be an amazing film!
Release date to be confirmed.
Interview on Radio NZ National

Full interview with Jim Mora on NZ Live, 20th Nov. 2009
Click here to listen
Funky guitar!

I have a brand new guitar, thanks to the incredible generousity of Ian Davie of Singing Wood!
Ian is an innovative guitarmaker based in Purakanui on Dunedin's pennisula, who specialises in handmaking beautiful guitars from NZ native timbers.

It's a fairytale really....after hearing my interview on National Radio, Ian contacted me and offered to give me one of his fantastic guitars! I was absolutely blown away.

Looking at his gallery of guitars on his website (www.singingwood.co.nz) I immediately fell in love with this little gem. It's a funky little guitar, a classic steel - a small guitar with a big sound! Not only is unique in looks, with it's intricate inlaying on the front, double sound holes, and scroll headstock but it is a slightly longer 650mm scale and it's made intirely out of NZ native timber (Houhere or Lacebark soundboard, Matai sides, Rimu back and Kowhai fingerboard)! After emailing to and fro, there was only one thing for it, to go down and try it out! It was great to finally meet Ian face to face and see his workshop where it all happens.

The guitar (which has already earned the nickname Honey!) has a really nice warm rich tone, and I'm sure you'll see it when I'm out gigging next, now that I have a pickup in it!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Ian for this wonderful gift, it is such an unexpected blessing!
Interviews, reviews & articles

"Her backing band on the album, (who also play live sets on occasion) is a regular who’s who of Christchurch talent, including Nick Gaffaney, Richie Pickard, Darren Pickering, Harry Harrison and Ian Costello. Recorded by Dave Cooper at the Christchurch Jazz School, ‘In The Pink’ is a blend of pop and folk, with a soothing edge. Anneka weaves stories with guitar and vocals, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and other folk songstresses, chronicling her life up until now."
NZ Musician October/November, 2008. Interview by Annie Kean.

"Avonhead singer-songwriter Anneka Thwaites’ debut album In The Pink is the kind of CD you can put on and imagine a still day at the beach surrounded by a natural palette of hazy pales, with no one else in the picture."

"It’s a collection of melodic and intimate songs with a strong acoustic/folk bent. The standout feature is Anneka’s pure and sweet voice, which glides as smooth as velvet up and down the stave without a hitch on the accented rhythms. It sounds effortless, but any singer worth their zinc tablets knows it’s not."

"For a debut album this is a brilliant achievement."
The Norwest News, Oct. 8th 2008. Review by Vanessa O’Brien.

"The album begins with the first single “Hold On Heart” which portrays Anneka’s songwriting ability well. It sets up the album, which is full of easy-listening songs that you could sing along to if you were in that singing mood, like “Catch Me” and “Safety In Numbers”. Folk, country and rock serve as influences, and you can hear them throughout. Particularly evident in “Catch Me” and “The Secret Life Of Janey” is the rock influence, but overall the folk and country dominate. The album finishes with the purely acoustic guitar song of “Sevana” which truly showcases Anneka’s talent as a musician. Overall the album is very relaxing and easy-going."

"If you’re a fan of Anika Moa or Brooke Fraser then you will like Anneka Thwaites. If you’re not, by just listening to this album a few times, you will find it grows on you and soon you’ll be singing the songs in your head."
Canta, (University of Caterbury Students Association Magazine review), Issue 25, 15th Oct. 2008

"Anneka Thwaites’ first offering, In The Pink is a clear example of the calibre of the musicianship and compositional abilities of graduates of CPIT’s Jazz School.

Thwaites’ voice is very impressive and easily the equal or better than the likes of Norah Jones or Natalie Merchant. The production values are of the highest quality, and while this is an independent release, sonically it is the equal of anything from a major label."

"Thwaites is capable of writing and playing a variety of styles,"...The upbeat Get Away is reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks. You has a very intriguing quality and compels one to listen."

"This album is nice for an intimate dinner with a significant other, or a summer Sunday late afternoon."

"Compositionally complex and mature. Definitely not formulaic pop-crap."
"Very impressive vocals. She has a fantastic voice, that’s all there is to it."
"The musicians are all top-notch. Sevana is a testament to Thwaites’ phenomenal ability on the guitar."

"4 out of 5 stars."
Capsule Magazine, Review Oct. 2008.

“Since her involvement in Marlborough’s Fresh Frequencies Project, Blenheim born singer and songwriter Anneka Thwaites has continued to rise in the New Zealand music industry.”

“Anneka is a hit on the Christchurch music scene, impressing critics with her intensely personal and reflective style of music, inspired by personal experience and real people.”
The Marlborough Express, Wednesday. 16th July 2007. By Laura Tinnelly.
Pure and simple Album out now!

Available worldwide on Itunes, Amplifier, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Deezer.
Album released on the 3rd of May 2014
to a full house at Blenheim's
Boathouse Theatre

More photos on the Gallery page and at
Southgate Images Photography
Anneka Thwaites is now Anneka Waters...

At the end of November 2014 Anneka married Brendon Waters, hence the name change! This may be a bit confusing for those trying to find her albums - they will still be under her maiden name of Thwaites.
Copyright (C) Anneka Waters, 2015. All rights reserved.
Album out now!