• Woodcarving
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Anneka's Woodcarving
Trained firstly as a cabinetmaker, Anneka was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Sweden to learn woodcarving from master carver Bengt Johansson in year 2000. At 74, Bengt had been carving professionally his whole working life and was one of Europe’s fastest and most highly skilled carvers.

Living with Bengt and his wife in the small Swedish town of Tibro, Anneka spent many hours in the workshop learning from Bengt, studying and practising technique and design in Baroque, Rococo and Swedish Gustaviansk carving. These invaluable lessons have given Anneka a basic platform of skills to branch out into other styles and embark on her own projects.

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Anneka is able to work with your ideas to design and produce carvings for your requirements, from achitechtural interior pieces to uniquely designed mirrors.
Custom designed woodcarving
Anneka’s own style is eclectic, embracing the beautiful embelished acanthus form of both the bold Baroque style, and the more delicate and asymmetric Rococo. Elements of Swedish Gustaviansk, such as bows and swaths of flowers and leaves are an influence on her own contempory designs, as are the clean lines of Norwegian Baroque.
Baroque Collection
Pierced Baroque Ancanthus Carving
Characterised by it's bold elaborate style,
Baroque woodcarving
centres around the stylized Arcanthus leaf.
Swedish Gustaviansk Collection
Gustaviansk Bow Mirror
Gustanviansk, or Swedish Neoclassicism, features bows, bladed leaves and flowers.
Guilded Gustaviansk accent piece
Contempory Collection
Flower trellis
Old man of the forest
Old Boot
This carving was inspired by Anneka's love of both Baroque cello music and
Baroque woodcarving. The amalgamation of the two elements illustrates the
music in its written form coming to life when played, taking on a life of its own.

The piece is a well-known cello Minuet from J.S. Bach's Cello Suite No.1 in G Major.
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